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Microblading Training ~ what sets us apart??


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-First and foremost, a personal statement from the Owner, "Hello :) my name is Amanda (please see my bio on our website). When I took my training, it was a 3-day training, 6 students and out of state. By day 1, I was very worried if I made the right choice, day 2 was even more freaked out, day 3 felt completely discouraged and was zero percent confident. I had to take another training soon after." So what sets us apart? Everything!!!  

-#1 Reason: We are a US based company, headquarters in Orange County, CA. No international lag waiting periods! Being the biggest in the industry, we have over 17 locations and you can reach us directly. All of our instructors speak English as their first language. We answer our phone and/or respond to you within 24 hours. What do you do after taking the course from an international company? Phone Europe? China? Wake up at 3am to receive a response? Don't worry, I considered the same options you are exploring, my experience was either I never received a response, or I had to wait 3-5 days for an email. It was torture.

Now for the training aspect…do not fall for an online training program with no interaction! It will leave you thirsty for more and you will end up wanting to attend a training, it's a teaser that has you spending an extra $500-1000 you don't need to. Stay patient, we are launching an interactive training that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and still receive support (text/phone/FaceTime), visual demonstrations, and more. We have successfully trained over 6000 students in lashes and brows, so we know the industry. Broadway has perfected a comprehensive education program for Microblading. Our training has multiple options, some that include lash and brow extensions. You can either choose a one on one class (cost is more), or a group class with 2-6 students. We also have multiple locations for your convenience and try to accommodate your schedule. Also, we can divide the training days throughout the month if you have schedule restrictions.

-Lets get down to the nitty gritty, what's the price??? Of course this is always the make or break question. It's an investment, so brace yourself. Every package includes SAMPLE FORMS (liability, disclosures, releases) and AFTER CARE for your clients. This is rarely provided with most competitors. You also receive a turn key pigment chart so you won't have to worry about color selection for your client. Our training manual is 100 pages of knowledge and resources.

Group Microblading Brow Training: CLICK HERE FOR MORE PRICING DETAILS

Important details:

  **For class registration (not online/virtual), a $200 deposit is required when you have confirmed the date; this is deducted from the balance. Please do not pay the deposit until you have heard from our company confirming the date. Our classes run weekly and are booking 2-4 weeks in advance. If you'd like to join a class sooner, please contact us directly. Click here for our calendar of classes (calendar is always being updated).

  ***Prior to taking the class, you must complete your Blood Pathogen Certification (online training that takes 2 hours and is separate from us). You can either bring this to class, or email it to us; without this you cannot take the class and your class will be rescheduled (you will lose your initial deposit). Every county and state will vary, so please make sure you take an approved BBP online course according to the area you will be operating in. We use for LA and Orange County.

A few disclosures: We do not ever recommend shaving off all your brow hair, it's come to our attention that people are teaching this, the client is coming to you because they have no hair or lack of, why would we ever promote shaving off the only hair they have left? In addition, YouTube does not hand out certificates, so we never recommend learning from a video. There is not a large amount of blood present like the videos show, so don't worry.

Model disclosure: You have the option to work on a live model the last day of training, when considering this please remember you've had two days of practice, so we leave this as an option not a requirement. Remember you have zero experience and are taking a sharp blade to someone’s skin, which could cause permanent damage if there is error, so yes we take every precaution to avoid liability (every stroke on your model is supervised). If you are not working on a live model, you will be working on fake skin, can possibly blade your fellow students, or we can help you find a model! We even have a "Model Reschedule Policy" in case your model flakes on you.

-Can you perform Microblading? You must have a steady hand, and accurate vision. We recommend getting a vision exam prior to registering for the class. Do you need a license or special permit, or are you legally allowed to perform this service? Microblading is classified as permanent make-up, even though it is a semi-permanent procedure. You will need to contact your state and/or your local bureaus to inquire what is required of you. This is not our responsibility. Every state, county and city will vary. Please do your research before investing. We recommend you call your local Health Department. At this time, California does not require an esthetics or cosmetology license to perform permanent make-up (blading). Yes, we are a whacky state. 

-Why are there some competitors that have 5-day classes? And should I learn eyeliner and lip techniques?  5-day trainings just consist of more practice days, quite frankly a lot of people don't have a week to commit to for training, they need to start making money and taking time off means less money in their pocket. Will you need practice after you've completed the program? ABSOLUTELY, but with our training you leave knowing how to do this on your own time, and with your 5 case studies we are there to ask questions, as well as offer feedback, why should you pay another 2k to practice?? As far as learning blading of the lips and eyeliner, you will have very few clients requesting these services, we receive phone calls everyday for the brows but maybe 1-2 a month for the others. The oils on our eyelids and our lips break down the pigment quickly, and the client will pay for something that doesn't last. Although it might sound like a fabulous way to make more money, a potential complaint later from the client is not worth it. WANT TO LEARN THE "QUAD-STROKE METHOD?" CLICK HERE

-What products/kit do we use? ALL packages come with a kit! We use a variety of products to ensure your success and have handpicked every item in your kit, the supplies are what we use in our locations. There are certain tools that will make your blading life easier, therefore we provide a selection of different hand tools, including disposable implements for sanitation purposes. We also use pigment from a reputable US based company. Due to ongoing new product releases, the kits are subject to change. For your convenience, we will carry products for you to purchase. We recommend you purchase a few things after training, we give you a mini shopping list in class, don't worry it's not super expensive. For kit contents, please click here.

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